Meet Zalando at Scala Days

An e-commerce company based in Berlin, Germany, Zalando offers fashion and lifestyle products to customers in 17 European markets. If you wonder what technology stack Zalando uses to run its business and if you are looking for new career opportunities, you need to stop by Zalando’s booth at Scala Days Lausanne.

In advance of the conference, Zalando’s Katie Richards shared a few highlights about Zalando and talked about how the company invests in talent and tech.

Meet Bitrock at Scala Days

At Scala Days, you can not only dive into the cutting-edge thinking from the top Scala experts and contributors but also meet innovative companies that are part of the Scala community. One of these companies is Bitrock: a high-end consulting and system integration company committed to offering cutting-edge and innovative solutions in Microservices, Reactive Platforms, Data Analytics, DevOps and UX.

In advance of Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke with Luca Lanza, Head of Strategy, Digital & IT Communication at Databiz – Bitrock.  

Meet Lunatech at Scala Days Lausanne

At Scala Days, our sponsors are our partners. We are all in it together, helping developers build the future they are working on in an efficient and fast manner. It’s not the first time Lunatech sponsored Scala Days and we’re excited to see them again, this time at Scala Days Lausanne.

Learn more about the company from its Marketing Manager Antoine Laffez and meet the team on the expo floor this coming June.