Justin Kaeser at Scala Days: “I have a dream job!”

A Senior Software Developer at JetBrains, Justin believes in “Tools before Rules”: that is, automating the development toolchain to remove the pain of dealing with institutional processes. He’s on a mission to achieve this goal together with JetBrain’s IntelliJ Scala plugin team.

At Scala Days Lausanne, Justin will talk about the challenges developers face when integrating tools and how the Build Server Protocol makes it possible for IntelliJ to interface with any build tool. In advance of his talk Integrating Developer Experiences – Build Server Protocol we spoke to Justin about his journey to Scala, Scala’s biggest challenge developers are facing and why his role at JetBrains is his dream job.

Bill Venners at Scala Days: “I run a business, but I still make time to code.”

Bill Venners needs no introduction. A regular speaker at Scala Days, Bill, together with Martin Odersky and Lex Spoon, co-authored the book “Programming in Scala”. He also leads the open source projects for the ScalaTest testing library and the Scalactic library for functional, object-oriented programming. Bill is the president of Artima, Inc. that provides Scala consulting, as well as organizes training, publishes books, and offers Scala programming tools.

At Scala Days Lausanne, Bill will talk about types and formalize the specification of semantic contracts as statements of predicate logic. In advance of Bill’s talk “In Types We Trust”, we spoke to Bill about his favorite memory from Scala Days, why he chose Scala and his Scala journey, and why at Scala Days he’s interested in meeting people from all walks of life.

Hanns Holger Rutz at Scala Days: “With Scala, I bet on the right horse”

Hanns Holger Rutz is a sound artist, composer/performer, researcher and software developer in digital art. He works at the Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics (IEM) in Graz, where he currently leads the FWF-funded artistic research project Algorithms that Matter (Almat). His work focuses on sound and installation art, and extends to live improvisation and electroacoustic music, in all of which experimentation with software and algorithms plays an important role.

What is expected to be one of the most non-conventional talks at Scala Days Lausanne, Hanns’ talk “Mellite: An Integrated Development Environment for Sound” will demonstrate Mellite, focusing on the challenges and potentialities of a hybrid model for working with code and sound.

In advance of his talk, we talked to Hanns about his self-taught Scala journey, why he chose Scala to help him work with sound and music and what Scala Days attendees can expect from his talk.

Björn Regnell at Scala Days: “We need more university teachers choosing Scala first”

Björn Regnell is a professor in Software Engineering at LTH, Lund University in Sweden. He is currently teaching introductory programming using Scala for the Computer Science and Engineering MSc program students. He has been an expert advisor for the Swedish National Agency for Education when introducing programming in schools in Sweden, and has contributed to Kojo, an open source beginner-friendly Scala IDE, and introduced Kojo in experiments for school kids visiting the Science Center at LTH.

In advance of his talk “Scala First: Lessons from 3 student generations” at Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke to Björn about four key benefits of Scala and why he chose to teach Scala at Lund University, why recruiting is the biggest challenge and why creating more teaching material on Scala is the solution to the problem.  

Natan Silnitsky at Scala Days: “Scala is very elegant and concise.”

With more than 12 years of software engineering behind him, Natan Silnitsky joined Wix.com over three years ago where he founded and then served as backend tech lead for Wix payments solutions services. He has most recently been a part of a task force that is responsible for building the next generation CI system at Wix on top of Google’s Bazel.

In his talk “Building Scala with Bazel” at Scala Days Lausanne, Natan will share how Wix embraced Bazel and dramatically improve the build times. In advance of the talk, we spoke to Natan about his team’s wins at Wix, the benefits and challenges of Scala and his upcoming talk.