Markus Jura at Scala Days: “Scala is still the language of my choice”

The Scala Lead at MOIA, an innovative mobility company that is changing people’s lives by re-imagining urban mobility, Markus Jura is a Scala enthusiast focusing on designing and building distributed systems based on Akka. He is also a co-organizer of the Scala and Reactive Systems user group in Hamburg.

In advance of his talk Managing an Akka Cluster on Kubernetes at Scala Days Lausanne, we caught up with Markus to learn more about his background, about how MOIA re-imagines urban mobility and his upcoming talk.

Krzysztof Romanowski at Scala Days: “For me, Scala is both a problem to solve and a solution”

Head of Dev & Scala Tooling at Virtuslab, Krzysztof Romanowski spends endless hours debugging and fixing Scala IDE, SBT, IntelliJ, and even the Scala compiler itself. For over 5 years he has been creating tooling for projects containing millions of lines of Scala source code.

In advance of his talk Context Buddy: the tool that knows your code better than you at Scala Days Lausanne, we caught up with Krzysztof to learn more about his background and about his upcoming talk.

Justin Pihony at Scala Days: “Scala allows me to write expressive code in very few lines.”

A software journeyman, Justin Pihoney uses his knowledge to provide developer support at Lightbend. As much as he loves to learn, he also loves to spread his knowledge through teaching and helping others. He has authored three online courses for Pluralsight, including a Spark Fundamentals one, and is one of the top Spark answerers on StackOverflow, and organizes the Pittsburgh Scala meetups.

In advance of his talk Supporting the Scala Ecosystem: Stories from the Line at Scala Days Lausanne, we caught up with Justin to learn more about his background and about his upcoming talk.

Oli Makhasoeva at Scala Days: “Scala is the best tool to fight boredom”

A Scala Software Engineer specializing in developing high-load backend platforms, Oli Makhasoeva has recently shifted gears and joined 47 Degrees as a Solutions Architect where she is working on a variety of different projects, improving client experience with Scala and Functional Programming (FP). She is the founder and co-organizer of the popular FP Meetup, “Fun(c)” that draws tech experts from around the world for speaking engagements and is a host of the Russian Scala podcast, “Scalalaz”.

In advance of her Scala Days Lausanne talk Develop seamless web services with Mu, we spoke to Oli about her journey from attending her first Scala Days conference to speaking at Scala Days Lausanne in June 2019 and her upcoming talk.

Eugene Yokota at Scala Days: “The true joy is in the everyday discussions I have with colleagues and other contributors”

A member of the Scala Team at Lightbend, Eugene Yokota is a maintainer of sbt since 0.13.5. If you are interested in learning about sbt, then Eugene’s talk sbt core concepts at Scala Days Lausanne is for you.

From developing hacking as a hobby to his role as sbt maintainer at Lightbend, we have spoken to Eugene about his background, his passion for Scala and the details of his upcoming talk at Scala Days Lausanne.