Meet 47 Degrees at Scala Days

For 6 years, 47 Degrees has been our trusted partner at Scala Days, sponsoring conferences both in the US and Europe.

As we celebrate Scala’s 10 year anniversary, Director of Marketing at 47 Degrees Maureen Elsberry tells us more about the company, the surprises it’s bringing to Scala Days Lausanne and whom they are looking forward to meeting at the conference this June.

Odd Möller at Scala Days: “I still find some of the type level programming wonderfully challenging”

A lifelong coder who got started by hogging his mother’s Pascal books and his father’s MacPlus in the mid-’80s, Odd left university in the late ’90s to spend years in the Java Enterprise Factory. He discovered Scala in 2008, recently contributing more to the community, with “TreeSeqMap” being his first larger contribution to Scala.

In advance of his talk Immutable Sequential Maps – Keeping order while hashed at Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke to Odd about the reasons he chose Scala, why Scala is never boring and the details of his upcoming talk at Scala Days.

Wiem Zine Elabidine at Scala Days: “Scala is a friendly way to learn Functional Programming”

As a Scala Backend Developer at MOIA, Wiem Zine Elabidine is also an OSS contributor and Functional programming enthusiast.

At Scala Days Lausanne, together with Olivier Girardot she’s presenting a talk High-performance Privacy By Design using Matryoshka & Spark discussing Matryoshka – a framework that makes it possible to browse data structures using recursion schemes. In advance of the talk, we spoke with Weim about her Scala journey (she started learning Scala by taking Martin Odersky’s courses on Coursera), how Scala conferences and events help her grow in her career and what one should expect from her upcoming Scala Days talk with Olivier Girardot.

Meet Sqooba at Scala Days: “Scala has given us a lot and now we want to give back to the community”

For 10 years, Scala Days brings together developers to share their experiences and new ideas around creating applications with Scala and related technologies, like Spark, Kafka, and Akka. At the conference, you can learn from the talks and speakers, connect with fellow developers, discover related technologies and even get hired as many companies who sponsor and support Scala Days are looking for talented people like you.

When attending Scala Days, do not miss an opportunity to connect with our sponsors and visit the expo floor. There, you can meet Sqooba and its Senior Software Engineer Pietari Kettunen who help companies innovate in the data-driven world.  

Zahari Dichev at Scala Days: “Scala and its expressiveness allows me to focus on the essence of problems”

Formerly a trading systems developer in the City of London and a Scala consultant, Zahari Dichev works at, helping companies abandon paper and digitize their business processes with Scala. A passionate advocate of mechanical sympathy and contributor to the Akka Affinity dispatcher, he is interested in sharing his knowledge and views on Scala, Akka, performance and the JVM.

In advance of his talk Creating Native iOS and Android Apps in Scala without tears at Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke to Zahari about his first speaking experience at Scala Days, the problems Scala solves for him and why choosing the right approach is the biggest challenge developers face.