Meet Bitrock at Scala Days

At Scala Days, you can not only dive into the cutting-edge thinking from the top Scala experts and contributors but also meet innovative companies that are part of the Scala community. One of these companies is Bitrock: a high-end consulting and system integration company committed to offering cutting-edge and innovative solutions in Microservices, Reactive Platforms, Data Analytics, DevOps and UX.

In advance of Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke with Luca Lanza, Head of Strategy, Digital & IT Communication at Databiz – Bitrock.  

Krzysztof Romanowski at Scala Days: “For me, Scala is both a problem to solve and a solution”

Head of Dev & Scala Tooling at Virtuslab, Krzysztof Romanowski spends endless hours debugging and fixing Scala IDE, SBT, IntelliJ, and even the Scala compiler itself. For over 5 years he has been creating tooling for projects containing millions of lines of Scala source code.

In advance of his talk Context Buddy: the tool that knows your code better than you at Scala Days Lausanne, we caught up with Krzysztof to learn more about his background and about his upcoming talk.

Viktor Klang at Scala Days: “It is important to listen to what developers struggle with and collaborate on how that could be improved”

Viktor Klang needs no introduction. Deputy CTO at Lightbend,  Viktor is a public speaker and programmer‚ specializing in distributed systems and concurrency. He is a prolific contributor to, and Emeritus Tech Lead of, the Akka project; co-founding member of the Reactive Streams Special Interest Group; a contributor to the Scala Standard Library APIs, such as Future & Promise; and a Java Champion.

At Scala Days Lausanne, Viktor will talk about Scala 2.13 and the implementation of Future & Promise. You will learn what a Future and a Promise is and what has driven the implementation to evolve into what it is today. In advance of his talk Making Our Future Better, we sat down with Viktor to talk about his Scala journey, the biggest challenge Scala developers are facing today and why empathy is the solution to the challenge.