Zahari Dichev at Scala Days: “Scala and its expressiveness allows me to focus on the essence of problems”

Formerly a trading systems developer in the City of London and a Scala consultant, Zahari Dichev works at, helping companies abandon paper and digitize their business processes with Scala. A passionate advocate of mechanical sympathy and contributor to the Akka Affinity dispatcher, he is interested in sharing his knowledge and views on Scala, Akka, performance and the JVM.

In advance of his talk Creating Native iOS and Android Apps in Scala without tears at Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke to Zahari about his first speaking experience at Scala Days, the problems Scala solves for him and why choosing the right approach is the biggest challenge developers face.  

Meet SoftwareMill at Scala Days

Based in Poland, SoftwareMill develops custom software solutions: web applications, back-end systems, and enterprise applications, specializing in Java and Scala and other technologies.

At Scala Days Lausanne, SoftwareMill CTO Adam Warski is giving a talk on Concurrent Programming, and you can also meet Maria Wachal and the team on the expo floor. Here’s why you should add visiting SoftwareMill at Scala Days to your conference’s to-do list.

Daniela Sfregola at Scala Days: “Building a hybrid language is not easy: building a hybrid community is even more challenging!”

Another active contributor to the Scala Community, Daniela Sfregola is the maintainer of a few open source projects and organizer of the London Scala User Group meetup. She is also writing a book with Manning Publications, titled “Get Programming with Scala”.

In her talk Refactor all the things! at Scala Days Lausanne, Daniela will analyze snippets of code and highlight common Scala anti-patterns that make them difficult to understand. In advance of the talk, we asked Daniela about her transition from studying ancient Latin and Greek to Scala, the challenges of learning Scala as a newcomer and the details of her upcoming talk.

Ryan Adams: “Scala Days allowed us to meet many people in the community who have become good friends”

If you ever explored new career opportunities in Scala, you are likely to have heard of Signify Technology. An innovative technology recruitment company (and the only one to specialize in Scala!), Signify has been our partner for three years in a row and we cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for your next role.

Learn more about Signify and what it has to offer in this interview with Ryan Adams, and meet Ryan and the team at Scala Days Lausanne’s expo floor – expect fun Scala swag, great conversations and, of course, new career opportunities!

Sören Brunk at Scala Days: “We should encourage best practices and simple, working solutions in Scala”

A software engineer at USU Software AG, Sören works on the Katana platform, helping companies to understand their industrial big data. He’s a contributor to Almond and maintains the almond examples, a growing collection of Scala-based Jupyter notebooks you can try in your browser. He also writes about machine Learning with Scala in Journals and on his blog.

In advance of his talk Interactive Computing with Jupyter and Almond at Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke to Sören about the Twitter challenge that granted him a “golden ticket” to Scala Days, his transition from academia to working on Katana platform and why he encourages using simple, working solutions in Scala.