VirtusLab at Scala Days: “We believe in the Scala community and we do our best to give back”

Named by The Financial Times one of “FT 1000: Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2019”, VirtusLab is a team of software technology experts that, with the Scala team contributing to over 40 open-source projects shaping the Scala landscape. VirtusLab contribute to significant Scala tools, libraries and frameworks, such as the Scala IDE and compiler, and are a Platinum Level Lightbend System Integrator.

As VirtusLab’s team is joining us at Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke to Rafał Pokrywka, CEO of VirtusLab, about the company and why you should find them on the conference’s expo floor.  

What’s your favorite Scala Days memory?

ScalaDays 2013 in New York will stay in our mind for sure because we met many great like-minded people. At that time we’ve been quite a small company but with a serious dose of ambition and already working on some exciting projects, and that event marks a point in time when our journey to where we are now has accelerated significantly.

There is also a Scala Days in 2016 to remember when we prepared special Scala t-shirts for the attendees. In addition to “Scala Knight” and “Scala Animal”, we introduced a “Scala Princess” t-shirt which turned out to be the most popular, not only among the female Scala developers but also among the wives and daughters of Scala developers. We learned the lesson and next time we brought more of these t-shirts.

Please tell us more about VirtusLab and what the company does.

At VirtusLab we believe that modern businesses rely on software. We aim to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and we simply care about making a positive and long-lasting impact. Our clients are global retailers, top-tier financial institutions and growing manufacturers, to mention a few, who face the challenge of keeping up with the pace of technological change. Not only we provide Reactive Systems, cloud-native services, and Data Analytics solutions but also, through our services and technology, we help our customers achieve more with software – faster.

The Team – #VLTeam – is our foundation. We continuously refine our environment to reflect this and make it more supportive. We invest in R&D to push the frontiers of software technology and improve efficiency, and on top of that, we do our best to drive the tech community growth and create a space to exchange experience and ideas. The #VLTeam does its best to contribute to open source projects and enhance software that is used by software developers around the world.

We contribute to projects such as Metals, Fury, compiler, and others in the Scala ecosystem as well as cooperate with Scala Center. We believe in the Scala community and we do our best to give back to it.

What inspired you to participate as a sponsor at the 10-year anniversary of Scala Days?

First of all – we simply couldn’t miss that! Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, Scala Days! We have not missed ScalaDays since 2013, and we feel part of it, therefore it was natural to support the event we all trust to meet our expectations.

Who should stop by your stand at Scala Days and why?

Because it’s a Developer Jungle! Together with Propensive, we created a place where knowledge grows – there will be always something going on: discussions, lightning talks and much more. Feel more than welcome to stop by and join discussions of Scala-related topics! Check the details directly at the stand or on our website:

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We aim high and our goal is to bring to the world significant software tech inventions. We’re glad to be a part of the Tech Community! We wish all the speakers at ScalaDays to give fantastic talks and cannot wait to see everyone at the event!

Don’t miss the VirtusLab team at Scala Days Lausanne’s expo floor. Book your ticket now.  

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