Meet Triplequote at Scala Days

If you are a regular attendee of Scala Days, you probably already know of Triplequote: a company on a mission to drastically reduce compilation time of Scala programs. At Scala Days Lausanne, the Triplequote team led by Iulian Dragos, CEO & Co-founder, will be on the expo floor so do not be shy and come say hi!

What is your most favorite Scala Days story or memory?

Just before the first Scala Days edition, I was frantically writing my thesis against a narrow deadline. Phil Bagwell was helping Toni Cunei at Triplequote (Toni is now at Lightbend) prepare everything for the conference, and they had 200-something swag bags to prepare (map, folder, flyers, food coupons, pens, magnets, stickers, etc). Phil went through the office and you could not get away: no exception, everyone who was there had to drop what they were doing and help. We lined up in an “assembly line” and finished it in a couple of hours. It was fun!

Please tell us more about your company and what it does.

We make Scala more badass, bringing ridiculous compiler speed, tools and support to help you rock your code the way you always wanted!

What would you like the community to know about your company?

We make Scala even more badass.

What inspired you to participate as a sponsor at the 10-year anniversary of Scala Days?

How could we have not?!

Who should stop at your booth at Scala Days and why?

Everyone! We have the coolest stickers. (Seriously!)

Don’t miss the Triplequote team at Scala Days Lausanne’s expo floor. Book your ticket now.  

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