Meet Bitrock at Scala Days

At Scala Days, you can not only dive into the cutting-edge thinking from the top Scala experts and contributors but also meet innovative companies that are part of the Scala community. One of these companies is Bitrock: a high-end consulting and system integration company committed to offering cutting-edge and innovative solutions in Microservices, Reactive Platforms, Data Analytics, DevOps and UX.

In advance of Scala Days Lausanne, we spoke with Luca Lanza, Head of Strategy, Digital & IT Communication at Databiz – Bitrock.  

Please tell us more about your company and what it does.

Businesses are facing scenarios where data must flow quickly and applications should be easily scalable, available and reliable.

Such critical challenges can only be dealt with:

  • by Developing Reactive Architectures
  • by Obtaining value from the large amount of data, safeguarding legacy investments
  • by Managing data lifecycle and easily developing, integrating & deploying applications over a streaming based infrastructures.

For this reason, we created a company with the aim to provide customers with end-to-end technology solutions and reliable innovative services in order to adapt to the ever-changing digital scenario. We master cutting-edge technological enablers: Event-based Architectures, Microservices, Real-Time Data Streaming and Data Analytics.

What would you like the community to know about your company?

We are experts in Event-Driven Architectures, Microservices and Event Streaming Processing.

Who should stop at your booth at Scala Days and why?

We are looking forward to meeting companies in need of technological solutions to respond to a constantly changing world, and to the multiplication of business cases. If you are a professional in search of new challenges and job opportunities, we’d love to talk to you, too!

Don’t miss the Bitrock team at Scala Days Lausanne’s expo floor. Book your ticket now.  

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