Viktor Klang at Scala Days: “It is important to listen to what developers struggle with and collaborate on how that could be improved”

Viktor Klang needs no introduction. Deputy CTO at Lightbend,  Viktor is a public speaker and programmer‚ specializing in distributed systems and concurrency. He is a prolific contributor to, and Emeritus Tech Lead of, the Akka project; co-founding member of the Reactive Streams Special Interest Group; a contributor to the Scala Standard Library APIs, such as Future & Promise; and a Java Champion.

At Scala Days Lausanne, Viktor will talk about Scala 2.13 and the implementation of Future & Promise. You will learn what a Future and a Promise is and what has driven the implementation to evolve into what it is today. In advance of his talk Making Our Future Better, we sat down with Viktor to talk about his Scala journey, the biggest challenge Scala developers are facing today and why empathy is the solution to the challenge.

What is your most favorite Scala Days story or memory?

The very first Scala Days was a fantastic event. Everything from getting to finally meet all the people I interacted with over the years, to making new friends, to co-presenting Akka with Jonas Bonér, to trying to make my way home during the aftermath of the Eyjafjallajokull eruption which left much of Europe without air traffic for a few days.

What’s your background and what does your current role involve?

I’m Emeritus Tech Lead for Akka, co-creator of Scala Future & Promises, co-creator of Reactive Streams, Java Champion, etc. Currently Deputy CTO of Lightbend, where I do quite a bit of R&D work and technical strategy.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career so far?

All the great people I’ve had a chance to work with and learn so much from!

Why did you choose Scala and what kind of problems does it solve for you?

I wanted a JVM-based language that would let me express my solution in a way which I thought about them. I found that in Scala.

What is the biggest challenge Scala developers are facing today?

Importance is relative – I personally think it is important to listen to what developers struggle with and collaborate on how that could be improved.

What can help address this challenge?


Who should attend your talk at Scala Days and why?

Anybody who’s using Scala Futures & Promises – since they’ll learn what’s new in Scala 2.13!

Whom would you like to connect with at the conference?

Kind and curious people who enjoy a good conversation about technology and how we build software today for the future.

Anything else you would like to add?

«If you cannot solve a problem *without* programming; you cannot solve a problem *with* programming» – Klang’s Conjecture.

Don’t miss Viktor Klang and his talk Making Our Future Better at Scala Days Lausanne on June 12th.

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