Meet Lunatech at Scala Days Lausanne

At Scala Days, our sponsors are our partners. We are all in it together, helping developers build the future they are working on in an efficient and fast manner. It’s not the first time Lunatech sponsored Scala Days and we’re excited to see them again, this time at Scala Days Lausanne.

Learn more about the company from its Marketing Manager Antoine Laffez and meet the team on the expo floor this coming June.

What is your favorite Scala Days story or memory?

Our favorite memory is definitely Scala Days 2016, where we were Platinum Sponsor for the first time. For this occasion, we designed a nice t-shirt in our company color: red, and a personalized suitcase.

As the first day of the conference arrived, all 50 Lunatechies wore the red t-shirt in the streets of Berlin and pulling their trolleys behind them. It was amazing to see that our company developed itself over the years and was now so visible!

Please tell us more about Lunatech and what it does?

Lunatech is a team of self-managed developers that help companies address major engineering challenges. In small teams, we work on projects for our customers, both from customer location and from our offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Paris. We don’t have account managers or project managers; our senior developers are responsible for the successful delivery of their projects to our customers.

We build custom software systems for our clients in industries like car manufacturing, finance, insurance, and logistics, and our focus is on system integration, backend systems and custom dashboards. We’re not tied to specific technologies, but we look for what suits each project. We do a fair amount of Scala with Akka, Spark, Kafka, Lagom, Play framework and we often use ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Postgres. Our source code is on GitHub.

We regularly work from our customers’ offices because we believe that it’s the best way to discover their real needs. But on Fridays, we all work from our two offices in the Netherlands which gives us plenty of opportunities to share knowledge and have fun together. We spend part of our Fridays on getting better at what we are doing; we form study groups and we experiment with new technologies in various workshops in our training center.

We are active in the Scala community; we have conference speakers, published book authors, Lightbend-certified Scala trainers, as well as we sponsor conferences and meetups and host a monthly meetup on functional programming in one of our offices.

In one word what would you like the Scala community to know about your company?

Simplify your IT.

What inspired you to participate as a sponsor at the 10-year anniversary of Scala Days?

The symbol of returning where it all began and feeling part of a larger community is what inspired us. Last year, we celebrated Lunatech’s 25th anniversary, and it means a lot for us to be among the “historical” partners of this event and we are thankful to ScalaDays for that. For us, it is the highlight of the year and something that cannot be missed!

Who should meet you at Scala Days and why?

We’d love to meet people who are passionate about Scala language and related tools to discuss, exchange, and share our passion and to give away some goodies. You can also meet us during the community dinner on Wednesday evening at the Olympic Museum that we are proud to sponsor. Don’t forget to register for this event on your ScalaDays link. 😉

But the best way is, for sure, to meet us at our booth! There is always a joyful atmosphere there because we love what we do!

Meet Lunatech and other innovating companies at Scala Days Lausanne. Book your ticket now.

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