Meet SoftwareMill at Scala Days

Based in Poland, SoftwareMill develops custom software solutions: web applications, back-end systems, and enterprise applications, specializing in Java and Scala and other technologies.

At Scala Days Lausanne, SoftwareMill CTO Adam Warski is giving a talk on Concurrent Programming, and you can also meet Maria Wachal and the team on the expo floor. Here’s why you should add visiting SoftwareMill at Scala Days to your conference’s to-do list.

What is your favorite Scala Days story or memory?

We are no stranger to Scala Days and it’s hard to pick out one memory, however! We specifically remember Scala Days Berlin in 2016. After excellent presentations and networking, we went out to see a live transmission of the Poland – Germany match during EURO 2016. Nothing brings people together more than a soccer tournament. 😉

Please tell us more about SoftwareMill.

We are a software development and consultancy agency, fully remote, self-organized and dedicated team of senior software engineers. Our clients usually approach us with unstable, slow-running systems with scalability issues. They need strong technical experts who will fix or often write code from scratch, consult existing solution and help to refine it. When joining in-house teams we are committed to develop and sustain trust-based relationships, bring our expertise on board to build systems that do their job and benefit our clients. For 10 years now, transparency, focus on quality, self-improvement and a true engineering approach have helped us grow, meet valuable people and work on exciting projects.

What would you like the Scala community to know about your company?

We pride ourselves on the traditional engineering values of efficiency, code elegance, and functionality. Being able to work with amazing people we’re paying forward to the community by developing open source projects, sharing our know-how on our tech blog and by speaking at major programming conferences worldwide.

What inspired you to participate as a sponsor at the 10-year anniversary of Scala Days?

Ourselves: we are also celebrating 10 years of SoftwareMill this year! Celebrating helps us remember what we value. And for us, it has always been the community. Our roots run deep in the Polish JVM community, ever since being active bloggers, speakers and event organisers, brought us nothing but good. Community engagement has a huge impact on how we run our business and helped us shape the company we are today. We’re really happy to join this special edition of Scala Days as a sponsor. We’re very much looking forward to connecting with fellow developers.

Who should meet you at Scala Days and why?

We are easygoing, driven and extremely friendly people! Let’s have a chat about programming or anything you fancy, really. 🙂

We might also have a special surprise for you: make sure to follow us on Twitter and take part in the Wheel of Scala Fortune, a contest to test your Scala and programming knowledge! Let’s see who goes home with a Nintendo switch 😉

Tell us more, something we haven’t covered with our questions but you would really like to share with the world

Adam Warski, our CTO, is giving a talk on Wednesday titled “Concurrent programming in 2019: Akka, Monix or ZIO?”. It might not be the subject of his talk per se, but he is committed to building a “Simple Scala Stack”. His open source projects such as sttp, MacWire, Quicklens and recently released Tapir, are a step forward better Scala ecosystem that could use simpler or better thought-through APIs. Do you have your own ideas? What would you improve? We’re eager to hear from you.

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