Ryan Adams: “Scala Days allowed us to meet many people in the community who have become good friends”

If you ever explored new career opportunities in Scala, you are likely to have heard of Signify Technology. An innovative technology recruitment company (and the only one to specialize in Scala!), Signify has been our partner for three years in a row and we cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for your next role.

Learn more about Signify and what it has to offer in this interview with Ryan Adams, and meet Ryan and the team at Scala Days Lausanne’s expo floor – expect fun Scala swag, great conversations and, of course, new career opportunities!

What is your favorite Scala Days story or memory?

Signify have sponsored Scala Days for the last three years now, and our highlight has to be when we sponsored our very first event which was Scala Days Copenhagen in 2017. Not only did we get to meet Martin Odersky but we gave away a drone to a Scala Engineer who completed our Rubik’s cube challenge the fastest. This event allowed us to meet many people in the community who have become good friends.

For those who have not met Signify yet, can you please explain what the company does?

Signify Technology is a hub for everything Scala and Functional Programming-related. We are the only recruitment agency to specialize in Scala and we are passionate about helping developers find new Scala jobs globally! We are inspired by the Scala community and want to give back in any way we can by providing learning platforms such as meet-ups, workshops and sponsoring conferences. Check out our latest available Scala roles across the globe at www.signifytechnology.com.

What would you like the Scala community to know about your company?

Our one true purpose is to help the Scala community to grow, we love Scala and we want to keep spreading the word.

What inspired you to participate as a sponsor at the 10-year anniversary of Scala Days?

Signify loves being part of the Scala community and we get excited about having the chance to meet everyone involved. Sponsoring and attending conferences is our way of saying thank you to the community for the amazing support we have had and the friendships we have created. A lot of developers we have worked with and many of the clients we are partnered with are attending so it’s nice to see friendly faces. Plus who wouldn’t want to celebrate that Scala Days has been around for 10 years!

Who should meet you at Scala Days and why?

If you are as passionate about Scala and Functional Programming as we are, then stop by, say hey and grab some Scala swag! Whether you’re new to the Scala world or have a wealth of experience, see how we can help you with a new and exciting opportunity, we could have the ideal role for you. Or if you need Scala developers for your team, we would love to help.

Tell us more, something we haven’t covered with our questions but you would really like to share with the world

Looking to learn more about Scala or Functional Programming in general? Let us know, we would love to set up workshops globally and give every developer the chance to further their programming knowledge!

Meet Signify and other innovating companies at Scala Days Lausanne. Book your ticket now.

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