Jeremy Hughes at Scala Days: “I escaped the office to work for Lightbend.”

Senior Software Engineer at Lightbend, Jeremy Hughes is a typed functional programming enthusiast, focusing on the front-end development. At Scala Days Lausanne, Jeremy is presenting a talk ScalaJS and Typescript: an unlikely romance and how combining ScalaJS and Typescript fits in the front-end’s “wild west landscape”.

In advance of his talk, we asked Jeremy about his Scala journey highlights and why people who love Type Tetris should attend his talk.

What is your most favorite Scala Days story or memory?

Yet to be made. This will be my first Scala Days.

What’s your background and what does your current role involve?

Dabbler in typed functional programming. Write front-end Typescript for a living with a bit of Scala JS mixed in.

What’s the biggest highlight of your career so far?

Escaping the office to work remotely for Lightbend.

Why did you choose Scala and what kind of problems does it solve for you?

I use Scala JS over Typescript when I need a more reliable type system.

Who should attend your talk at Scala Days and why?

Like type Tetris? Work in the browser? Find typescript strangely misses the mark? Scala JS with Typescript is not the final answer, but it is useful and fun.

Whom would you like to connect with at the conference?


Don’t miss Jeremy Hughes and his talk ScalaJS and Typescript: an unlikely romance at Scala Days Lausanne on June 12th. Book your ticket now.

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