Dani Rey at Scala Days: “Scala is powerful and elegant”

A software Architect with Unic and a creator of http://scalawebtest.org, Dani Rey is mostly involved in service integration and web development on the JVM, but he has a strong background as a database administrator. He takes a huge interest in programming languages and persistence options. He is more opinionated in one area then the other, and you will have to chat him up to find out which is which.

As Dani is getting ready to present his talk “ScalaWebTest – integration testing made easy” at Scala Days Lausanne, we asked him about his Scala journey, why he has high hopes for Metals and why everyone writing web-applications should attend his talk.

Why did you choose Scala and what kind of problems does it solve for you?

It is powerful and elegant. It allows me to express my thoughts in a concise, yet readable way. As an example: I struggle with languages, which do not allow nested function definitions. In addition, it has a rich ecosystem and many libraries are of good quality.

What’s the most important challenge Scala developers are facing today?

Being a powerful language, it is a challenge for the compiler (mostly performance) and IDE (supporting advanced concepts and refactoring). Both hurt the developer experience and performance.

What’s one thing that could address this challenge?

I have high hopes for Metals. I believe it is the right way to address the IDE support challenge.

Who should attend your talk at Scala Days and why?

Everyone writing web-applications. Quality is a concern to all of us, but most have to achieve it with limited resources. ScalaWebTest, the framework I’m going to present, focuses on a good cost-benefit for your integration tests.

Whom would you like to connect with at the conference?

I would love to meet others doing service integration with Scala. I’m interested in your experience with Sangria, Alpakka and “pure” functional programming approaches.

Join Dani and learn more about ScalaWebTests at Scala Days Lausanne in June 2019. Book your ticket now.

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